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15 most important things to think about before the fair

Planning a successful exhibition stand Front Row Exhibitions Stand builders Gothenburg

15 most important things to think about before the fair

Reading time: 3 minutes 

Feeling overwhelmed by all the booking and budgeting for the fair? Then you've come to the right place!

In this post, I'll give you the 15 most important things to consider so you can plan the most successful trade show possible. Print it out, put it on your desk, and start planning like a trade show pro!

This entry was written by Peo 

1. Be out in good time

Before booking a stand area, take the time to think about how you choose to walk around the exhibition hall when visiting a fair. It's a great way to understand where you'd like your booth.

2. Make your own sketch before booking the stand space

Sketch out what it is you want to prioritize showing at this particular fair.

3. Ask for an enlarged hall plan where everything is clearly visible

Then you can make sure that there is no pillar or similar at the fair that will obscure your stand. There are stand areas with one, two and three open sides. So, should you choose to book a larger area, you can have a so-called island stand without walls.

4. Make an honest budget (and check carefully what is included)

Include the stand area, construction, rental materials, shipping, travel and parking. And of course accommodation if needed. Sometimes, for example, there is a need for a directive on the use of a european union. partitions and electrical outlets, then you can save on the costs.

5. Clearly display your logo and message in the stand design

Visitors should understand directly what your business name is. Communicate clearly, using both text and image, what it is that you sell. And dare to do something different that will draw attention.

6. Take care of your stand neighbours

Do what you can to create positive energy. You're all at the fair to do business, and maybe you'll see each other again soon? It's always nice to have a good reputation!

7. Read up on the fair's times and choir schedule

This prevents you from avoiding unnecessary stress and misunderstandings.

8. Advertise well in advance that you will be exhibiting at the fair

Invite existing and potential customers that you wish to work with in the future.

9. Let people know which days you will be exhibiting at the fair

Even on your mobile response. Unfortunately, we see far too often company representatives who stand and talk on mobile in the booth. It doesn't give a good first impression.

10. Dare to offer yourself!

Think about how you want to be treated, everything gets nicer when you meet with a smile.

11. Be at least two working in the booth

Often many visitors come at the same time and you need to leave the stand at some point during the day to recharge your batteries. Avoid eating in the stand! It never looks inviting to anyone who wants to come up and talk to you

12. Offer coffee and water or other drinks

It is always appreciated. Preferably accompanied by some bar tables and bar stools to mingle around.

13. Organise a competition

It creates a nice first contact and attracts laughter! It's also a great way to get your visitors to give up their contact details. Why not do like SKF Sweden and hire the night duel?

14. Have a place to store clothes, bags, brochures, etc.

If there is no space to build a small storage room with a lockable door, an alternative is to have storage in pods or in an information desk.

15. Prepare the follow-up of the fair

And meanwhile, you envision all the new clients you will have!

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